PDU 10 Way Horizontal Aussie
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    PDU 10 Way Horizontal Aussie
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    Order Code: DPUH1010

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All PDU series products have a modularized multi-functional structure. They comply with the international industry standards, like power socket modules, control function modules, protector modules, surge protector modules, channel surge protector modules, digital AC ammeter modules, leakage protector modules, etc.


Order Code: DPUH1010



Fitted with standard and non-standard cabinets and high-tech electrical and electronic equipment, these modularized multi-function power distribution units have a novel and unique structure. They are safe and reliable, easy to install, have a wide range of applications, and provide a power interface for the equipments in cabinet.

Product Details

  • 2U, 10 Way, compatible with Australian plugs, and SAA certified.


  • Supply power interface with ON/OFF switch for equipments in cabinet.



Technical and Performance Parameter

  Specification   230V - 250V, AC, 10A, 2200W
  Dimension   2U
  Output   10 Way
  Performance   EECC Certificate
  Safety Certificate   RoHs Compliant
  Structure(Raw material, welding, spraying)   Black/Static Plastic Coating
  Unit   Piece